October 6, 2014

So Long!

I started this blog in November 2009. It has been almost five years since then and I have had a lot of fun! 

Dear friends and followers, thank you for all the encouragement- I have cherished every comment on this blog. 

However, from now on, I'll be making any new posts about my work on tumblr

I hope you'll join me there, too.

September 26, 2014

Doodle Collab with Ramya # 8

My turn to draw in the doodle collab again. I made 'Stuck' as my response to Ramya's previous doodle.

September 22, 2014

Got some Cattitude?

Another random doodle. Thank you Ramya, as always, for getting me out of my lazy ass mode and inspiring me to do some work.

September 12, 2014

Plants love

We had a chapter called 'Phoolvedya Mai' in our SSC Marathi textbook about a woman who loved flowers. If she would have met the woman in this doodle, they would have become good friends.

September 10, 2014

Twice A Week Funk #6 | Topic- Growth, Black and White

Twice A Week Funk is a Facebook group started by my friend Jaikar inviting creatives to make art in any medium you want to express yourself in, every Tuesday and Friday in which I participate occassionally.

To be honest, I doodled this two months ago, when I quit my day job in Mumbai and moved to Ahmedabad to pursue some of my interests. I had shared only it with Reva from The Swaraj University, but it seemed to fit these two topics perfectly. Because life choices are not always black n white and growth can be painful process.

Airbnb Travel Contest Entry

Trying my luck at a travel contest by Airbnb. Hopefully, some amateur calligraphy and naive optimism will do the the trick. And if I win, I might get a chance to say at this beautiful Portuguese home in Goa! Here's my entry-

'The sea beckons me and I am longing to meet it too. I know we will be united soon because...

I really appreciate Calligraphy but do not have enough patience it requires to master the craft. It took me several rounds of writing (read wasting lots of papers and ink) before I finally gave up and settled for one. And yes, it took a little (honestly, lots!) of tweaking and adjusting of spaces and alignment on Photoshop to look like this and it's still not as seamless and graceful as it should be. So do I regret on having taken the practising sessions of calligraphy strokes sincerely? Yes I do!

An update: Nahi jeeti ....so no free trip...par kya fark padta hain :P 
Is bahane thoda calli practise hogaya 

September 2, 2014

Another random doodle. Looks like the dumber/cuter/plumper /confused version of the devil mascot from the Onida TV commercials from childhood. Remember Neighbour's envy, owner's pride?