September 10, 2014

Airbnb Travel Contest Entry

Trying my luck at a travel contest by Airbnb. Hopefully, some amateur calligraphy and naive optimism will do the the trick. And if I win, I might get a chance to say at this beautiful Portuguese home in Goa! Here's my entry-

'The sea beckons me and I am longing to meet it too. I know we will be united soon because...

I really appreciate Calligraphy but do not have enough patience it requires to master the craft. It took me several rounds of writing (read wasting lots of papers and ink) before I finally gave up and settled for one. And yes, it took a little (honestly, lots!) of tweaking and adjusting of spaces and alignment on Photoshop to look like this and it's still not as seamless and graceful as it should be. So do I regret on having taken the practising sessions of calligraphy strokes sincerely? Yes I do!

An update: Nahi jeeti no free trip...par kya fark padta hain :P 
Is bahane thoda calli practise hogaya 

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