November 5, 2009

Sagar Kinare

The sea is overwhelming.

As i sit on its shore, time and people begin to fade into
oblivion.The water comes gushing from all sides, leaving behind a
tingling sensation.The waves come over and over again, embracing,
leaving a little too quickly.One minute, i feel complete - loved and
wanted. the other minute they are gone, leaving me behind,
desperate and vulnerable.

The vast expanse of blue bring a false sense of calm.
While the trivialities of the past begin to settle down, many raw
emotions are brought to the surface...emotions i cannot recognise,
feelings i cannot place. but i choose not to dissect them...
i chose to leave them that way.

The sea, i feel shares a deep relationship with everyone that
walks it shores, and someday, it will reveal its answers to me.
Till then i am just content being there.

(Had written this piece after having spent a morning at
Velevar beach, at my friend pradnya's beautiful village Auronda)


  1. Hey Dhwani really nice write up:)
    Will soon plan a trip to Aronda where you'll pump up with more and more ideas n gr8 thoughts;)
    Will book the beach just for 4/5 ppl. n again 'll have fun.
    Looking forward for more more exciting things.
    All the very best..:);)

  2. thank u so much pradnya...the trip to your village is really worth visiting again...looking forward to it too.