December 8, 2009


The following pages were doodled during my trip to ladakh (mumbai-delhi-manali-leh-shrinagar) this july.
they are special to me because they hold all the fun moments of the trip i can re live whenever i want.

My longest post ever!

the mumbai-delhi train journey.

the mumbai -delhi train journey

at barista, delhi.

the st bus ride to manali from delhi.

a road sign on the way to manali.
hanging out in manali

learning a little tamil from shobha:)

hilarious road signs on the way to leh from manali.

jokes in the jeep, day 1
day 2, the jeep gets stuck!
the difficult jeep ride day 2

favourit hangout place in leh.

we all got tshirts with the route from manali to leh
embroidered on the front, with our names on the back:)
amazing place i want to visit again.

some more road signs...
the very exhausting trek to hemishukpachen,
funnily called the baby trek.

a mix of some random fun moments.
the village stay at hemishukpachen...
view from shanti stupa.
adorable donkeys...

a day spent at home, playing with the two very
cute ladakhi kids
the various organisations we visited in leh.

leaving leh, night ride to shrinagar
the day i felt a little low...

the shikara ride at dal lake,
we stayed at crown of india.
last night at shrinagar...


  1. I LOVE this. Brought back so many memories of my own trip to Srinagar. And I travelled in the same taxi for three days..stuck with the driver who had only one cassette of Hindi songs to play. Hahahahah @ Lux cozi ads that decorate most of the shikaras. I was always quite excited to eat maggi though. Maggi and a hot cup of tea made me very very happy. I quite like the page where 'P'(of sleepiness) is dozing. Cute! And you like Hemant and Prashant's work. High five!
    Happy drawing :)

  2. hey thanks, glad u liked the doodles.

    the trip was wonderful and i hope to go back there someday.

    the hindi songs can be maddening then but it is such a fun experience to recall later:P

    i love maggi too, but u cant look forward to eating it when u have seen friends puking it out minutes later due to altitude sickness.

    are u a fan of hemant and prashant too?

  3. i love this series :) super awesome...