April 8, 2010

book love


  1. I heard of you through a friend and that was it until I chanced upon your stuff on the blog. Neat work Dhwani. Warm regards, Aditi.

  2. hey aditi, thanks:)
    who is this common friend of ours?

  3. you would/ wouldn't know of him, he is a first yearite at JJ called Aditya. Btw, you freelance or work with someone or have started on your own?
    Best with everything!

  4. no, i dont think i know him. campus main dekha hoga shayad. i am assissting graphic designer lokesh karekar (www.locopopodesign.com) who is a senior from college. have taken up only 1-2
    freelance assignments as of now.

    thanks for your wishes. what do u do?

  5. Nice! ofcourse, the very well known locopopo. I am in my last sem, visual communication. Making mer pehla humble film, i am journeying towards wrapping up academics by june end.

    then comes the job hunt :)