June 5, 2013

Doodle collab with Ramya # 1, 2, 3

I am collaborating with Ramya on a small doodle experiment. Its like, tic tac toe, but with art. She draws, I draw, she draws again, I draw some more, but we share constantly, and let it all influence each other, let our art slip in glimpses of other’s work, but seen from a fresh pair of eyes, constantly make something new from something old.

We began 2 weeks ago and so far we had three turns each. This is the outcome of that exercise. It is art in its ugly duckling stages. I usually doodle in books, this time, I directly scribbled in Photoshop with my Wacom. I am hoping we continue doing this and over time, my doodles will evolve and I might accidentally come up with some new and interesting visual styles of rendering. 

So the chain began with my doodle below:

Ramya responded to the above doodle with this which in turn made me draw the following-

In response to this lost dog, Ramya drew this followed by me again coming up with this creepy drawing-

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