August 1, 2013

Some visual tomfoolery

So, I was just timepassing with my wacom and this chaddi guy randomly 'happened.' Now, if he were a real life character, he would have looked quite chapri but in the sketch he looked cool to me. I felt he had a lot of character.

I wanted to make it into some really cool illustration and I imagined an intricately detailed background...but my hand couldn't reproduce what my mind could see (read- utni mehnat kaun karega) so I tried a short cut route and create some story...the usual ludka ludki kahani...but for some reason abandoned this too midway.

Then I just went crazy...applying obnoxious colors, mixing random textures, drawing over it with no specific end result in mind, no intention to achieve some good looking illustration. random things happened, some ugly, some weird and one rather sleazy...sharing a few here-

phir gaddi koi alag hi raaste par mudh gayi...

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