July 19, 2014

Dilemma of a Young Designer

This work is more than two years old. It is a hand made journal of sorts that attempts to share the conflict running in my mind about my creative identity. Just realized that I never posted it on my blog before. Can't remember why....Anyway here it is-

(Video Courtesy: Abhisek Behera, Sujata Shidhaye)

It was an upshot of a two week module on 'Visualising Personal Design Identities' conducted by Cathy Govan and Fiona Ferguson from Glasglow during the Open Electives week at NID that I participated in. We discussed about our creative identities and artist books as a form of expression.The theme also widened as I moved from exploring my identity to identity of Indian Design in general. As the module progressed, the questions moved out of my head, into classroom discussions and further intothe campus as other people’s opinion poured in.The result? A variety of opinions, a bank of ideas…no conclusion but an invitation for further discussion.

(Materials Used: Old Used Paper, Colored Sheets and Textured Paper, Gateway Tracing, Paints, markers, Sketch pens, Sand, Threads, Fevicol, Scissors, Label stickers, Photo inks etc.)

This project got featured on Kyoorius Sketchnotes in October 2013.

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